It Doesnt Matter How Much

My mission, as a female, in life. To impress the ‘boys at the beach’ with my body. I do not think that, as a society, we realise just how ingrain and normalis this objectification of women has become. We do it without even thinking. We make comments without even considering the message they are sending. And it is so subtle that the impact of one comment is so minimal. But I am now thirty years old. I have heard these comments over and over and over. Repeat in every form of communication. Pretty princesses. Pretty dress Pretty magazinesPretty models.

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Pretty.What happens when I don’t Slovenia Phone Number List conform? What happens when I do modify my body, but in ways that I find attractive – not ‘the boys at the beach’? When my version of ‘pretty’, does not align with yours? I know what happens. Because it has happen to me. I face a choice. I can either hide those pieces of myself that the world considers flaw, or, I can be unapologetically myself, and try not to let the waves of disapproval that follow wear me down. In general, I go with option A.

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I go with option A because I cannot bear the BS Leads disapproval. Because I don’t want to disappoint. Because I don’t want to embarrass or upset anyone. I don’t want anyone looking at me like I am an oddity that does not belong. And I wonder just how many people, like me, choose option A. Because it is draining. It is dis-empowering. It is painful. And it also makes people sick. How many people are experiencing mental health issues simply because being them is ‘unacceptable’? Brightly colour in a world of greyThe reality for every one of these people, is that option A is near on impossible. Who you are, what you feel, how you love these are things you.

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