I Would Not Mind A Stranger

It makes sense he ones we love. It is like a painful ache to the bone. With a physical illness you get loads of support. Can we help you with your groceries? Do you need me to pick up your medications? What can I do for you? This is not the knee-jerk reaction we receive when we are manic or depressed, even with a fantastic family. This includes strangers. I had surgery last year and while at the grocery story, people smiled, the stop shelf. It was a refreshing change to be among the accepted. If I brought my Sharpie I might have been able to get a signature or two.

Open your minds and ears

Can you imagine the looks I would get if I wore Spain Phone Number List a t-shirt with “bipolar disorder” on it? Stigma from strangers Let’s be honest here, a cast gets doodled on, eagerly, wheelchairs get ramps and doors held, politely, but mental illness? God forbid! All that gets us is distance from loved ones and ignorant comments on the news and from the public. Have you read the comment boards following any current event’s mental illness related article lately? The unfiltered thoughts of American minds are scary. That ignorance is scarier than mental illness if you ask me.

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It will help the other person

This gap between education and BS Leads ignorance, perception and reality, represents how far we have to go in this country with destigmatization of the mentally ill. Whether it is spoken or a thought, they both qualify as stigma. What can we do to fight stigma? So how do we bridge this gap? What is the solution to opening our minds? How do we get there? Educate Education is our number one resource, our most powerful catalyst. It converts stigma to understanding, teaches acceptance not hate, creates the loving society we want. Don’t we all deserve that? Education is key in relation to stigma and mental illness.

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