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Read about the concept of prospecting – what is it, how is it done and what can you gain from it? Prospecting – what is it? What is the importance of prospecting in sales? Prospecting Prospecting – methods and techniques Use your lead base Prospecting – methods 40 percent of salespeople say that it is prospecting that is the most difficult moment during the entire sales process. Can you be surprise by them? It is indee a difficult art, especially without the knowlege of the most modern techniques and methods of acquiring customers. Don’t know how to get leads? Mind your own business – leave the rest to us.

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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Prospecting – what is it? Warm leads, cold calls, prospecting. You can get lost among these concepts, although they all touch on the same problem. The goal of every entrepreneur is to sell a product database or service. For this purpose, he must select potential customers (leads). Prospecting is reaching out to them in order to get them to act. It may seem that it is just about finding and convincing as many people as possible to buy. Look at it this way – in the prospecting process, you can also sift out those customers you don’t care about and select those most intereste in your services.


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If you have time, you can create various bases on this basis, and then adjust communication methods to the nees of specific groups. What about clients who, through prospecting, turne out to be completely unintereste in you and your services? At least BS Leads now you know about it. What is the importance of prospecting in sales? In fact, it rarely happens that a customer will find a product, make a decision and make a transaction on his own. More often than not, his decision can be influence. Touchpoints, points of contact with the brand, allow them to become more and more familiar with a given solution and convince them that it is worth making a purchase.

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