Gave Me A Kiss And A Cuddle

Too and make us an alien, untrustworthy or a danger. Not including us in usual activities can increase our isolation and sense of worthlessness. Some things the community said they would love to hear: “You are still you and I trust you.” “Hi! Fancy a cuppa coffee drink shopping trip?” . Treats and distractions The same things that can comfort us during a regular bad day can also help now and then during struggles with our mental health. Distractions can help keep our minds off our darker thoughts for a while. One follower commented, “Chat the shit out of me.

My three year old daughter

Give me something practical I can fix. Keep Oman Phone Number List me present and connected and useful.” Some things the community said they would love to hear: “Spend the day shopping in bed.” “Let’s make popcorn and watch Harry Potter!” “Here’s a blanket, a phone charger and movies. When you are ready to move again I’ll still be here for you.” “I’ve brought, pizza, beer and ice cream and I came to sit in the mud with you and wait it out because I love you.” “Want to watch comedies and act silly? I’m here. Want to wear pjs all day and watch bad TV? I’m here. Need me to drag you outI’m here.

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Came up to me one day

Praise encouragement and love There’s no BS Leads getting away from the fact that battling with our mental health can be draining and difficult. Getting out of bed in the morning or brushing our hair may take the same strength as running a marathon. Your praise and encouragement can help us keep fighting and also lets us know you appreciate the sheer effort we are putting into ourselves when we might feel useless and a failure. One follower shared how her daughter helps her.

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