4 tips for registering properties and attracting more customers online

The real estate market in Brazil has constantly undergone changes and you need to be careful to follow new client profiles and make your work stand out among so many real estate agents. An apartment or house can be very interesting, but if they are poorly advertised they may go unnoticed by those looking for new properties. Do you want to know how a real estate agent can create a good listing on your real estate website to attract the attention of your clients and guarantee good deals? So keep reading and we’ll show you 4 tips for a perfect registration! 1. Pay attention to the photography Quality images are the first step to sparking buyer interest.

Don’t forget the description

Take care with your photos if you want to gain the attention of your customers, ads with quality photographs sell much more and you shouldn’t save money, 10 photos or more are a good number. To avoid blurry photos, use a support, if you don’t have a tripod, use a chair, avoid using flash indoors, use as much natural lighting as possible. Before taking photos, think about the main rooms and angles you need to capture, see the property’s New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data strong points and try to photograph as many as possible. If the apartment has a nice view, don’t forget to register it, this is a very important point when making the purchasing decision! Tecimob: Website ready for real estate agents and real estate agencies. A complete tool for you to sell more! 2. Create a beautiful presentation.

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Pay attention to the photography

After choosing the best photos of the property , put together a slide show style presentation on your website, and place it in an attractive sequence. Start with a photo of the facade to give customers a location, and from there introduce the Australia Telegram Number property. Living room, kitchen, master bedroom, secondary bedrooms and finally backyard and garage. Show all the features of the property and highlight the details, such as plaster, only focus the photo on what’s best. 3. Invest in videos Videos have become a great ally for those who need to present properties.

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