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Time protect the privacy of users. Check out the benefits: or on a European Matomo server the tool works in compliance with GDPR and can be us without consent the privacy of the website users is protect Post in:Current AffairsWe were able to implement the “Wagna BürgerService” app for the market town of Wagna. City citizens can use the app to report their concerns to the market city office quickly and easily. To this end, our officials create tickets for various categories – in the case of the Wagna community “street lighting”, “damage”, “signs”, t” and “other” – give a short description of your request and can send this to If necessary.

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Additionally provid with photos. The reports Antigua and Barbuda Email lists land via email and app notification Customer Meister CRMdirectly from the responsible employees of the market community. The concerns are process and users are inform of the progress through notifications in the app. As soon as a ticket or problem is resolv, the citizen receives a push notification about the chang status of the ticket, which is now register under “Solv tickets”. In addition, the market town of Wagna want to be able to use the app as a communication platform.

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We thus made it possible for important dates and BS Leads useful information to be sent to the citizens of the community through push notifications. In addition, the event and environmental calendar of the Wagna market town was integrat. From now on the website ofJoseph Tscherne– trainer forLeibnitz’s Self-Defense- online Josef Tscherne is happy to pass on his years of experience in various martial arts, his professional and private life experience as well as his extensive knowlge of sports and his readiness for hand-to-hand combat. Anyone who wants to learn and practice self-defense should know that everything relat to true self-defense in public.

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