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To that have become available, new users, and our project partners will all benefit from the fruits of this work. Purpose of the Website Any website is a product of the environment in which it is creat. The website has been creat to publish resources develop by staff, teaching and research centers at Dublin City University. Some of these resources are by-products of other projects, e.g. deriv from the group’s work in the terminology field or from the work of individual key researchers such as Father Piar O’Lauchel’s Collection of Quotations, corpora and corpora available on the site since then.

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The amount of terminology data has grown Kyrgyzstan Email List significantly and additional resources have been add. The research group came there and work in a new interdisciplinary school, ie, the new site reflects these changes. It serves as the information center for the work of the research group. The portfolio of projects in which the research group is involv is list on the home page of the site. This is the place for information about the group and a list of publications relat to the group’s work. The blog you are currently reading! Language and research resources on the website have a new order and layout.

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For example, there are now separate Corpus BS Leads Resources and Terminology Resources sections, and new resources are available, which will be comment below. According to, the website’s response time in month (orange line) vs. month (blue line). It shows that the performance of the website has been significantly improv. A major goal of the development work was to significantly ruce the distances involv in the search. have. There are tens of thousands of words in the two corpora available on this website, and it is quite a challenge to quickly find relevant search results in a large dataset like this.

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