Sometimes I Dont Mind

Ridiculously caring is worlds apart. Surely the brain is more important than the legs? ! I’ve been on the waiting list.on the waiting list so had to start over. After months of waiting, I was told they were no longer offering the treatment I was on the waiting list, but they could put me on a different waiting list! ! ! I am a positive person. Even in my blogs, as unhappy and dark as they are at times, I always try my best to end on a positive note. Although, in this case, honestly, I find it difficult. I’m past the point where it makes me unhappy.

I want to achieve great

I’m so piss right now that people are so Lesotho Email List disappoint! I guess the positive in this case is that I don’t stop telling my story. I’m going to keep fighting until I see a change. I will see change. It’s the year! We can no longer allow people with mental health issues to be treat like this! UK Bookstores in : Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal The pounds available Stay strong and stay safe. Full of love, reprint with permission by Amy, originally post on I’ll confess: I never insist on anything.

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Discipline may be difficult

As a kid I tri countless hobbies, but gave BS Leads up on them all within a few months. In any case, I couldn’t find something I lik that I could stick with for the long term. Fast forward to adulthood and I’m a jack-of-all-trades; master of none. I can’t form new habits. I’m an ambitious procrastinator, which is a bad mix. I want to achieve great things but I will do it tomorrow. The problem of forming new habits went beyond hobbies and interests; I couldn’t form any new habits.

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