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The top of the funnel, or attraction phase, is considered the awareness phase, so you need to apply strategies for your audience to generate curiosity about what you offer. You know… no one buys/acquires something without having reasons, right? So, this first stage is the place to arouse the interest of the future student. It is essential that you attract a large number of people to discover that what you do is exactly what your student needs/looks for. One way to do this is to generate content on social media. So when someone searches for the topic you published, the idea is that you will be found more quickly.Sales Funnel Stages

Within the sales funnel strategy,

The top of the funnel or Tofu, as it is also called, is related to the stage of a customer/student’s journey, in which they recognize a problem, and you need to show them that your service It’s what they’re looking for. Furthermore, there are two other phases that your future student can go through. Sales Funnel Australia Phone Number Data Stages In addition to the top, your future student can come through the middle (Mofu) and bottom of the funnel (Bofu). These steps determine whether you will be able to close the package with your client or not. So it’s super important for you to understand each step! Want to understand better about Topo de Funil? Click here. In the middle of the funnel, the step can be related to recognizing the problem and considering the solution.

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Instead of trying to sell your package at any cost, here we work to mature and qualify this potential student. With this well structured, at the bottom of the. Funnel it is very likely that the future student is already well qualified to become a closing opportunity. Some examples of content for the bottom of the funnel are price tables, comparisons Australia Phone Number List between tools, free trial requests, consultancy and other focused solutions so that they already know the problem they have and are ready to close the package with you. Stay  mean for your student acquisition strategy and the best ways to apply them. You will understand clearly the importance of starting to apply this in your daily life.

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