Fashion software: analyzing Product Launch Planning (PLP)

Nowadays, brands in the fashion industry are discovering new ways to present collections, campaigns and in general, to launch a new product. They are increasingly turning to YouTube, Instagram and new digital platforms and formats to showcase. Their collections to curious shoppers and customers, as we saw at London Fashion Week . But did you know that these “presentations” are just part of the launch-to-market process? Before a garment can make its appearance on the catwalk or in the presentation of a collection, there are many steps relating to the product launch plan, which also includes the management of samples and digital assets. This plan takes months of preparation, which is where fashion software can come in to ensure a smooth workflow .

What is a Product Launch Plan

Let’s start with a simple question: Index What is a Product Launch Estonia Phone Number List Plan? Preliminary development phase Development phase Post-development phase End of sample cycle How can brands ensure that a new product launch plan goes smoothly without errors or delays? What is a Product Launch Plan? A Product Launch Plan is a documented summary of ideas. Activities and processes used by a company to bring a product to market, known as “Go-to-Market”. It is a strategic plan that helps optimize the process to improve efficiency and to ensure that the collection is completed and launched on time. Therefore, For a new fashion collection, Go-to-Market times can range from 3 to 6 months. The launch of smaller collections in even shorter times, brands are finding themselves having to learn new ways to always be cutting edge.

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Product Launch Plan to better understand its structure

Let’s start by studying the 4 phases that make up a Product  Launch Russia Phone Number List Plan to better understand its structure. Therefore, Preliminary development phase After the design of a new collection. The Design and Merchandising teams may disagree. Which models should be produced in samples: the designers may be more oriented towards their preferred prices. While the Merchandising team may make a decision based on a forecast of trends or the price of the garment. Once the final assortment of samples has been decided. Orders are placed for fabrics. Therefore, Designs and patterns which are sent to a factory for production. Development phase In the factory there are many people working on a single sample. Therefore, Fabric cutters, embroiderers, tailors and so on.

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