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Part of his training at the HTBL A Kaindorf an der. From fence, to complete assembly instructions, Zauninger stands for design, safety and quality. With the motto “Make your own gate and fence” you listen to the wishes, nes and expectations of your. Customers and implement simple permanent solutions. The Zauninger also shows you how to quickly assemble your. Own fence with the help of an assembly video and normal hand tools. Using the product configurator in the shop, you can order a fence made to measure and according to your ideas! The Zauninger is where individuality and professionalism are ne.

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See for yourself belowExperience, know-how and Anguilla Email List the desire for. Perfection ensure that Congaia solar lighting sets new standards for light away from the wiring. Congaia’s core competence is bas on well-ground, technical solar know-how. Great value is plac on continuous research work, therefore the best lighting and the highest quality of light can be provid even in the most difficult circumstances. The basis for this is creat by the in-house engineering for lighting technology, which specializes in self-sufficient PV systems in combination with modern L technology. We are strengthening our team! Effective immiately, Raffael Mannheim is working with us as project manager.

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Raffael is from Leibnitz and with theFire brigade ringin action He has theHBLFA Raumbergvisit, then studi astrophysics and now supports us handling our client BS Leads projects. The implementation of websites and of course also support the introduction of our CRM solution for a wide variety of clients. One of his great passions is nature. He is an avid hiker and spends every free minute under the open sky. Thanks to the uncomplicat communication through their own community application, citizens can communicate their concerns to the city office without any bureaucratic effort and are always inform about the progress of their inquiries and news of community life. Communities alway.

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