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Off a r flag as problems typically only start when text fails to reach the text cache. Right after that, when you carefully analyze the Reboot test, a specific topic immiately catches your attention. Texts with a fictitious phrase dealt with health (several occurrences of “health” on each page), infections (multiple occurrences of “infection”), antibiotics (several occurrences of “antibiotics”), and even directly treatment (“therapy”, “surgical procure” “treatment”). For several years now, Google has been paying special attention to its internal manual for website evaluatorsto pages like YMYL (Your Money or Your Life.

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Which deal with topics of special importance – of this type must meet additional requirements to obtain a positive evaluation according to the evaluators, which is certainly Denmark Email List also reflect in the algorithmic evaluation. include those that took part in the test. From the beginning, they were treat more specifically than typical e-commerce or service company websites with content hidden under “Read More”. We combin this with an unusual way to hide text us in the test, which uses the tag input . trust uses the input tag without an SSL certificate – this is a recipe for lower positions that were shown in the Reboot test.

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Google has been paying special attention BS Leads to the presence of SSL for a long time, and through the set in Google AdWords, it forces “typically form” pages, such as stores, to implement SSL. Moreover, in recent days, Google Search Console has ask for the implementation of an encryption certificate on all pages that use the input tag , even in comment forms: In this context, the danger of using the input tag on a page dealing with diseases and treatments is quite clear. The original interpretation of the “Google prefers pages that don’t hide content” test should read “Google prefers SSL-free mical pages that don’t use the input tag.

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