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Of positioning, and in some industries it can even be a central element. Of SEO in the form of broadly understood content marketing, blogs and comprehensive descriptions. However, it is not always and everywhere possible to place texts, because their blocks can also affect conversions. UX or the general perception of the website among users. In such cases, hiding most of the text under the “Read More” button can be a compromise. We will not hide that sometimes we do not hide the content. In some cases, this is the only effective implementation.

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Moreover both in the case of customers and in Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List the case of independent isolat tests. We did not observe any negative effects. A win-win situation for SEO and UX. We watch with interest a test by Reboot Online that challeng our observations and is detail here. Long Term Hidden Text Experiment . We recommend it because as usual with Reboot, it is a very good read with a methodology quite similar to the tests we run. Cannot have any reservations in this area – the setup is very good, the groups are interestingly select, the group sizes are correct, the measurement time is absolutely right.

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Chrome browser and the requirements

A conclusion contrary to ours leaves only BS Leads one of two possibilities: either we made a mistake, or the conclusion does not reflect reality. When reprinting the test results, some pages even us headers like “Google punishes pages hiding content with CSSJS”. All the more we roll up our sleeves for a detail verification of Reboot and our tests, as well as their replication. The surprising connection of hiding texts with internet security In the text cache of the test pages hiding the content, all the text is present, suggesting that it can be easily read by Google’s crawlers.

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