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Has greatly enhanc the searchability of the database wealth. , it was carri out to improve the functionality of the geolocation tool, . New streets and geocodes in the database are add to another, streets already in the database. Geolocation tools were develop to allow users to understand place names in the context of their physical environment. So far, the place names tool around me can be filter by legal parishes, towns, regions, population centers, cemeteries, and houses. Streets are exclud from these searches because they have not been geocod.

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As a result of our latest update, we’re happy to Netherlands Email List announce that the geolocation tool can now filter by street. When using the geolocation tool, new filters can now be appli and streets around you will appear on the map. Also, the results are only list in order of proximity, which makes it easier to visualize, as shown in the image below, where one of the teams triall the new screening at our office in (shortly before we were sent home due to the pandemic!) . Wherever you are, we hope you’ll benefit from this some of the most interesting place names around you.

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This tool is useful because users cannot yet BS Leads find a complete list of the country’s streets on the website, but we intend to implement it when the next version of the website launches. Work continues to add more place names and interactive aids to the site. So keep an eye on this blog, newsletter and social mia of various projects for the latest news. By: ú: ú Fifth Anniversary, ú, Work Report, Digital Humanities, Crowdsourcing February ú is five years old, and that makes us very proud and celebrating! We believe that the progress of the work, especially.

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