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Of the site To do this, select the “All Users” option from the list provid. Next, we select the period of membership in the list (the period after which a given user will be remov from the list if he does not visit the page again). The last step is to name the list. In our case, it will be “All recipients” (although this name can be anything). In the next step, we choose the destination for the list. By default, this should be the correct Google AdWords account. Our Google AdWords account will automatically load all new remarketing lists.

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The right ad for the right audience The above Austria Email List description concerns the creation of a general remarketing list, however, these can be creat bas on various activities on the website, e.g. visit subpages, purchase or sending a form. For example, when running a company that makes company stationery, a potential client appears on our website who only browses subpages relat to various types of business cards. Potentially, the client may also be interest in the offer of calendars, but why fortune-telling. It is better to “attack” the customer with advertising tailor to his nes and display, for example, a discount code for the first order of a series of business cards.

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The form of remarketing describ above is an BS Leads example of dynamic remarketing. A specific form of dynamic remarketing is product remarketing, which you will be able to read about in the next article. Similar entries What is Google Ads? Optimization of Adwords campaigns (Google Ads) – How NOT to analyze data Google Ads campaign daily budget Google and Facebook Ads, or which giant to choose? Turn likes into zlotys with Facebook AdsThinking about increasing sales from online comparison websites, we most often think of using paid forms of promotion, such as bidding on items or highlighting offers.

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