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A couple of days later. Videos include in a carousel ad can be up to seconds long. Carousel ads with videos can be shown not only on Instagram , but also on Facebook. Who benefits from using it? Advertisers whose services and products attract more visitors when demonstrate through video. For example , event organizing services , video games. New design of advertising posts. Now all the content will be plac on the left side under the heading. This will simplify the design and make such posts more visible. Sponsor ads will now appear under your profile name. There will also be a new menu icon that , when click.

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Will reveal hidden options for ads. New advertising opportunities photo editing servies in Odnoklassniki . Audio advertising will appear in . So far, audio advertising that starts at the end of. A music track is play only by a small percentage of social network users. The Digital Audio agency will be in charge of selling the videos . Who benefits from using it? Advertisers whose audience listens to music. On Odnoklassniki , organizers of concerts and events. What to advertise? Promotions , openings of new stores/branches , services , concerts , events.  Promotion of posts for OKI. The service does not require a permanent advertising account.

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In mistarget. When using the tool, there will be. A limit of three BS Leads ad entries per group. This restriction exists for groups that make money by advertising. In order to use the new tool , when publishing a post, simply select the paid promotion setting and the Desir target audience settings. The cost of the service is rubles per thousand users. Who saw the note for a regular post and rubles. Per thousand users when promoting a note with a video. Who benefits from using it. The new tool will be useful to small business owners and the mica.

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