25 steps to go from being a Graphic Designer to a Web Designer

25 steps to go from being a Graphic Designer to a Web Designer. If you are a graphic designer you already have very advanced design skills and concepts. I’ll tell you about my experience of what things have been useful to me to retrain myself on the Internet and become an advanced Web Designer. If you are a good graphic designer you have a lot of advantages to stand out on the internet. Go for it. Web design can serve as a complement to your services. It is very interesting that you can offer your client the design of their website in addition to its graphic image. It will be more profitable for you .

Become a super web designer now

Become a super web designer now. In this post I am going to give you a lot of advice. So that you can acquire the ability to design websites. In the same way that you design graphic elements in the offline environment. To do this, you must begin to familiarize yourself with. the online world and start speaking the language of the websites. 25 steps to go from being a Graphic Designer to a Web Designer10 Differences between graphic email leads design and web design To design in a web environment it is necessary that you understand well the essential differences between paper and screen, since each one has its particularities.

Print resolution VS web resolution

Print resolution VS web resolution. To print on paper, a resolution that ranges between 150 pixels per inch for digital printing and 300 dpi for offset printing is normally required. On the Internet it is not necessary to upload images with such resolution. Traditionally, computer screens offer a resolution BS Leads of 72 pixels per inch , therefore this is the quality in which you should save your images so that they appear correctly on the websites.

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