How to identify and protect yourself from a negative SEO attack

Therefore, How to identify and protect yourself from a negative SEO attack. You have been penalized. Therefore, It’s the worst thing that could happen to you and you don’t know how it could have happened. You have done everything well. Therefore, Do you know that negative SEO exists. This type of practice works and is more common than you think. Therefore, take note, learn how to protect yourself and identify a negative SEO attack . You never know if the next one could be you. Not everything goes in web positioning, or at least that’s what Google says. Taking into account this, SEO strategies and techniques are created following Google’s guidelines.

What is negative SEO

What is negative SEO. This is the use of unethical practices with the aim of Google penalizing or sanctioning a competitor’s website. Techniques penalized by Google are normally applied. so that it appears that they are intentional. The part of the attacked website and thus the positioning of said website is greatly affected. Does it sound email database strange to you? Think what it would be like in the offline world. A good friend told me a long time ago about something that happened in his family business.

What techniques can NOT be considered negative SEO

What techniques can NOT be considered negative SEO. It is common that when an SEO audit is carried out or a project is analyzed. you find certain elements that make you doubt… have I been the victim of a negative SEO attack? In the absence of a logical BS Leads explanation. the first thing you think is yes. Has anyone from your competition taken the trouble to do that with your website. Think about it before blaming negative SEO.

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