The 33 WordPress PLUGINS most used by 42 big blogs

The 33 WordPress PLUGINS most used by 42 big blogs. Today I am going to show you the 33 WordPress plugins used by the best Marketing blogs that I have classified according to their usefulness and according to the number of times they are installed on these blogs that I have analyzed. This way you can see if you are interested in installing any of them on your website.

WordPress plugins to improve SEO Positioning

WordPress plugins to improve SEO Positioning. Having an SEO plugin in your WordPress will help. Therefore, you a lot to correct and perfect different aspects. Therefore, the website to improve SEO positioning little by little. What these types of tools do is, among other things. Therefore, give you the main guidelines. Therefore, so that your content adjusts to the “norms” set by search engines and thus be able to achieve good results in positioning. I am sure that this other email contact list article. Analysis of 40 SEO plugins for WordPress for positioning. Can give you a lot of ideas about other plugins that do not appear in this post.

Plugins for “caching” and optimization in WordPress

Plugins for “caching” and optimization in WordPress. With a caching plugin, what is achieved is saving. Therefore, a static copy of the page to later show it to users much more quickly. We would be gaining speed in loading times and reducing. Therefore, the consumption of PHP resources BS Leads when loading each page. With this plugin what we are going to achieve is speed up. Therefore, the loading times of a website. It is based on caching the browser to display the website much faster to users.

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