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So I’m doing my best to put those thoughts out of my head. Doubt it’s still something I want, but I’m not sure right now, and it feels selfish to risk having kids by making them suffer the same pain as I did. At the age of , I underwent surgery (laparoscopy) for some gynecological problems. This uncovers endometriosis (link for more info). The doctor, in his infinite wisdom, advis my -year-old self to have a baby in an extremely volatile relationship because it would alleviate my symptoms and I would miraculously heal. Still, I’m not sure, I’m overlooking this.

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I put it on the back burner again and Uzbekistan Email List continu to use my birth control of choice. t last long and it certainly wasn’t the right place to bring a poor kid into it. Now fast forward to my year old self and met the kindest person alive, so understanding, caring and a wonderful human being. Meeting him trigger such intense thoughts and feelings that I had never before; imagining my life with him as his wife and reconsidering my thoughts about having children. Two years of holding hands, publicity and support have pass.

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We’re engag now and we’re getting BS Leads marri in a month. About a year ago, we decid to have kids. That’s what we want, to have a family, share memories, live with them, and teach them about beautiful places and things in the world. It would be unpleasant to witness if they somehow end up like me. Yet we have the power to help them through this, to hold their hand, to be their advocates and to be their source of support. They don’t have to suffer alone, which I think is beautiful. US Mental Health Daily Tracker and Diary UK Mental Health Dail.

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