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Centre discusses ways of establishing terminology consistency among professionals in a particular sector, similar to the work of the Irish Terminology Board. (University of Bucharest) report on the crisis of the Romanian Terminology Society and its precessor Their terminology database has not been updat since and the society has only two members! Talk about the Ukrainian terminology, and finally é describ how we focus on the terms of the different budgets on Friday afternoon. Talk about (or) how to manage localiz terminology.

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Terminology) gives what she calls a stale ground Somalia Email List view of the job landscape in terminology, and a lack of understanding of the importance of terminologists’ work. (Georgian Terminology Association) discusses terminology issues in Georgia. that cannot bridge the digital divide will have to communicate with the rest of the world in other languages, and it would be disastrous not to know that one of the oldest languages ​​is richer and more diverse. and (Terminology Coordination Group of the European Parliament) outlines the European Parliament’s project which aims to bring university students to the heart of terminology work. Finally, Ó and ě introduce us to and open source terminology solutions. Such resources, especially teaching resources, were also mention by other speakers during the session, which arous great interest.

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It was clear that during the two days, and BS Leads especially in the final discussion, the participants understood some of the challenges facing terminologists: funding issues, of course, but a lack of understanding of language issues and the importance of terminology. It was mention, for example, that this lack of understanding is evident during the current pandemic. for languages ​​that have barely done their terminology work or are losing domain. In the end, it goes without saying that organizing an online event of this size with over-registration and on-site translation between French and English is a daunting task.

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