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Distancing for example, I’m in Internships in relevant groups. in Dublin, I decid to keep the campus clos for the summer. Luckily however, despite the outbreak, I was allow to start my internship and found that I would be working from home (honestly, from a broomstick!). As I complet my university assessment at the end of the month, I was about to start my internship and it was clear that worthwhile work and certain challenges lay ahead of me. When working with research groups, my main task is to create a terminology database relat to.

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It is true that language evolves according Italy Email Database to current events, and the goal of the database is to identify and collect changes and developments in Irish terminology so that the research group can publish valuable information for the Irish-speaking community. It also makes me happy because we’re not the only ones in Ireland dealing with this in the context of the pandemic this year, and I’m glad our friends in Wales also came up with an interesting suggestion. What I quickly found to be a very useful tool when I was working. When you do language work, you are bound to look for examples of common terms, phrases or words.

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I do a corpus search to investigate and other BS Leads sources to find these current examples. I’ve also been lucky enough to do a lot of translation work as a translation student at , and when I add Irish to a few pages of the website and when I had to translate very complex definitions from English to Irish for a terminology database. As an Irish speaker and student, I may have experience using language resources (for example), but my time in the research group gave me the opportunity to use these resources in a professional setting.

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