What to do if an heir does not want to sell the property?

It is common for heirs to disagree regarding the division of properties. It is not surprising when, upon receiving the will, the heirs do not reach a consensus regarding the future of the inherited properties, especially when it comes to the sale of these assets. What to do when one or more heirs do not accept the sale of the property? What are the paths to follow, who to talk to? All this you will know now! What does the law say? According to the law, in the event of a person’s death, all of their assets form what is called monte mor (the collection of everything the person owned while alive) and become what we know as an inheritance.

The people who have the right to

Receive this inheritance, as a rule, are their direct heirs , whose own law establishes who they are according to the chain of succession. There are also other people who can benefit from the inheritance, which are the legatees, established in a will by the deceased person. All assets must be listed in an inventory, and sharing by. What to do if What to do if heirs Thailand WhatsApp Number Data without carrying out this procedure is prohibited. Some banking transactions, car and property sales are impossible to carry out without the inventory being finalized. This is why, when a person dies, no heir has any right to the property left behind. Anyone who is living with the person who went bankrupt, for example, needs to leave the property they were occupying until all sharing is carried out in accordance with the law.

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State agents and real estate agencies. A complete tool for you to sell more! And when there is disagreement regarding the sale of the property? When there is disagreement between the heirs regarding the sale of properties Kenya Telegram Number What to do if the law establishes that  those who agree with the sale must notify the. Refusing heir of period granted by the judge. Then it is necessary to file a lawsuit in which the sale of the property will be evaluated. According to the law. Heirs have priority when selling properties, paying the value assessed by the court.

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