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In terms of the dissemination and normalization of new terminology, , when institutions such as ó, , and ó had comprehensive and measur coverage of various aspects of the crisis. At the same time, there are significant gaps in the state’s information about the disease publish in Irish, which means that some government websites have gaps in the information pages about the disease compar to the English pages. These issues have generat a lot of discussion on social mia, and it’s clear that people have strong opinions about them. When it was announc that a fund would be launch to fund research on various aspects, it occurr to us in the research group that it would be interesting to tackle these problems.

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We have made a proposal that we create a bilingual Kazakhstan Email List terminology database in which the most technical terms relat to the topics and matters under discussion will be collect., journalists, and anyone who wants to discuss the technical aspects of the pandemic in Irish. Fortunately, the project we call Crisis Term was accept. We are conducting terminology research in , a terminology management system develop by the research team, where after filtering various other terminology sources and vocabularies, we have register a possible entry in.

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We’ll select the most important of these, and we’ll add comprehensive Irish-detail definitions, usage examples, and of course the Irish terms themselves. The full BS Leads content will be available on the website in late summer. Example entries from the database Our research questions includ: Do all these new concepts have an Irish language? For example, we don’t think there is still an Irish version of and for loss of taste and smell, respectively, which are now well-known symptoms. In such cases, we will make a request to the Terminology Committee.

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