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Google Maps (instruction) – who to choose for website positioning? How to connect Google Search Console to a website? Comments Simon Slowik I’m curious how it will develop. In one of the last materials publish probably by Seostation, we (as an industry. Express our opinion, answering the question of what we would say to Google. What we would ask for, if we could be listen to. Virtually the entire industry unanimously emphasiz that we care about transparency, better communication, and access to data. Will it change? Unfortunately, I am a skeptic.

Now we get an insight

Although basically anything will be better than Colombia Email Address Illyes’ communication so far (Mueller sometimes, but mainly in the sphere of technicalities).Just two months after the leak screenshots of the new version of Google Search Console, all users are starting to get access to the (yet) beta. Google is gradually linking individual pages add to the GSC. At the moment, we have access to pages in the new version (about . % of all verifi pages). Access can be check by logging into the correct Google account and accessing-console In the upper right corner, after expanding the list, the pages available in the account appear.

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Referring to the work of indexing

For now there are two reports – effectiveness BS Leads and index: The performance report is functionally identical to the previous “Search Analytics” tab, but now you can view data up to months back . The index report is an extend, existing “Indexing” tab, which now provides a lot of specific information: A full list of types of information (not yet translat) is available in Google Support . Error and warning notifications have pre-announc tracking similar to a task management system. After correction, the fate of the problem and any other corrections ne: In addition to working with problems, you can view the structure of the correct index.

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