Understand the importance of written communication with the customer

Compared to speech, written communication has limitations in terms of the ability to be understood. When we talk to someone, it is possible to express ideas through voice, gestures, movements, facial expressions, etc. In the case of written communication, the only resource we use to communicate are words. Therefore, it is essential for real estate agents to use the Portuguese language as an interaction tool. This task requires practice, until you can make it a daily habit. Written language is increasingly part of the real estate agent’s routine. It is the form of expression present in emails, in most WhatsApp dialogues and also in creative advertisements on social networks.

Discover now the importance of writing to provide good service.

To make a good impression and provide good service, the real estate agent, when answering a chat or writing an email, needs to keep in mind that he is talking to someone, interacting with a person who has high expectations regarding what is Italy WhatsApp Number Data being offered. to her. Tecimob: Website ready for real estate Understand the agents and real estate agencies. A complete tool for you to sell more! Try to replace words that may have a negative interpretation with positive variations. Exercise this way: Rather than: We no longer have apartments for sale in this development. Say: In fact, in this project all the units have been sold, but we have options in other projects.

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Rather than: We don’t have any options in this price range

Say: Our properties are a little above what you suggested, but the payment methods are very flexible. Discover now the importance Understand the of writing to provide good service. With the arrival of WhatsApp , the real estate agent interacts with the client in real time. If the dialogue is well conducted, there is a high chance of scheduling a visit, which could Singapore WhatsApp Number List become a sale. To be considered good service, careful writing requires well-written Portuguese, which does not need to be elaborate, but should not include slang or dialogue full due to making small.

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