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O fill the toolkit with knowlge to manage daily political life confidently, sustainably and with the latest know-how. The spectrum varies from teaching legal and economic basics. Dealing with the mia and the public, leading and leading meetings. Sharpening your own profile in terms of rhetoric and behavior in stressful situations to. The use of social mia platforms, profiling one’s own type and the organization of election campaigns. Reinhard er Blechbauges. Is an expert in the and engineering. Decades of experience and innovative ideas result in individual and technically mature solutions.

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The customers and partners ar Fax Lists accompani by the company from the joint concept development through the design of the product to the implementation. Services: facade systems ventilation systems to order solar systems Engineering and assembly The customers can count on the company’s know-how, the commitment of the employees and the highest quality – thanks to the most modern machinery. er Blechbau offers a professional environment for the realization of your project.iofeback Leibnitz Biofeback is a globally recogniz therapeutic method, the effectiveness of which has been proven in many scientific studies. Bodily reactions, such as heart rate or breathing rate, as well as muscle tension as a result of stress, fear and tension are measur by a bioreligion device and report back on a screen.

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Training of Mag. Monika Koch EMDR Training (EMDR Institute Austria. Psycho-oncology degree (Austrian Society for Psycho-oncology. Degree in Biofeback Therapist (European Biofeback Academy) Degree in Occupational BS Leads Psychology. Austrian Academy of Psychology) Psychotraumatology training (Center for Appli Psychotraumatology) Registration as a clinical and health psychologist since Klinikum Bad Gleichenberg (oncology rehabilitation, pulmonary and metabolic diseases) – JAW (Youth Welfare Department) BA in Psychology at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz – and health psychologist in the aftercare clinic Tannheim, Baden-Württemberg (family rehabilitation for heart and cancer diseases, cystic fibrosis) Theoretical training as a clinical and health psychologist.

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