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Them And ask for help and understanding. For me, that includ asking for a slight ruction in my hours. This can be consider a reasonable adjustment as it is protect by the Annual Equality Act. But I also have the legal right to request part-time hours under the flexible working rules. . And, as with any long-term health condition, I’m always concern that it will affect my work or have to take too much time off. But I will do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen. (Including recuperating in b on weekends and taking a pay cut if necessary.

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Unfortunately, some things were frustratingly Martinique Email List out of my control. The reason I am off work now is not directly due to Meniere’s disease, nor is it due to the stress of daily teaching. This is because of the painful process of asking for help on a job, only to be repeatly ignor, question, reject and delay. There is an equally tortuous and lengthy grievance process that does nothing to protect the well-being of the aggriev. I don’t think it’s uncommon, but it’s very stressful. pressure This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week focuses on stress.

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Research shows that stress is a key contributor BS Leads to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. In some cases, self-harm and suicide. A study, Stress: Can We Cope? The Mental Health Foundation states that work and long-term health conditions are the top two stressors. And it is also recogniz that this stress is often exacerbat when individuals feel unsupport and powerless. Stress is the biggest single health and safety issue in UK workplaces, according to a survey. There is a duty of reasonable accommodation to address the disadvantages fac by persons with disabilities. Workplaces also have a duty to protect the health of employees.

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