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Lrish in an Irish for Beginners class, I chang my mind. -changing experience, and it wasn’t long before I decid to study Irish Language and Literature at Notre Dame. I heard that Notre Dame was offering people the opportunity to do an internship in Dublin and I immiately appli to the program. I certainly never dream that I would be working in Irish in Ireland. I have to say I was terrifi at first, but when I arriv at the office, my worries eas. While working in my office there, I got a good look at working on research projects together.

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The first part of the internship I was in work on Namibia Email List compiling text for a monolingual corpus. This is an article and a great opportunity to read the language and improve my Irish. Later in my internship, I also had the opportunity to conduct research on the subject of Guam at the National Archives. I analyz the collect material and photograph documents of correspondence between writers and publishers. Had a great experience visiting the office I was in with his friend. I think I got a lot of Irish improv and I learn a lot of technical skills as well.

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Anyway hearing Irish every day at the office BS Leads help me a lot. It gives me the opportunity to learn the sounds of the language and expand my vocabulary. Although my time there has come to an end, I’m excit to take this opportunity. Many of my friends in the US think that only English is spoken in Ireland. I look forward to rectifying the situation. By: Tourism, Culture, Arts, , Sport and the Irish Language Annual Strategy, a student from the University of Notre Dame describes his time working with the research team, in this blog post.

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