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To describe a story, event, situation, or often than others. for this is the large number of texts in the corpus that were collect from the mia. One of the main roles of the mia is to describe a story, event, situation, or condition – or to keep the public inform. If that is the way things are being discuss, what are we paying and compensating for? The list of nouns indicates that the concepts being discuss are the Irish language and its community – because the words “Irish”, “person”, “people”, “language”, “Gaeltachta”, and “people” are also this is high on the list.

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We are unique and different from other Egypt Email List language corpora as we use the concepts of “Irish” and “Gaeltacht” more often than others. This discussion in CGC was mostly in the mia, rather than in works of literature. Words referring to the concept of human are expect to be at the top of the charts in any corpus, this would also include corpora of other languages, so it is not surprising that “person”, “people”, and “people” are in the list this. Another concept that is referr to very often in any corpus is the concept of time.

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Therefore it is not surprising that the words “time” and “year” are in this list. See this overview of the highest frequency text symbols classifi as nouns in the Oxford English BS Leads Corpus (OEC) and the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA). Word Ranking by frequency in OEC Ranking by frequency in COCA One Time People Year Back Two Way Day It is recogniz that some of these are not always nouns, but those corpora classifi them as nouns first when they were publishing the first hundr highest frequency words. We have the same difficulty in Irish with words like.

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