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Own fix symbol – he given phrase. In addition, in the last column I have includ examples of search phrases for which the ad will be display. Match type Match symbol Search example approximate match cheap phones cheap broken phone phrase match “cheap phones” where to buy cheap phone Poznan broad match modifier +cheap +phones shop cheap new phones exact match [cheap phones] cheap phones exclusive match -cheap phones telephones Let’s take a closer look at each match type. Broad match – using this type of match will definitely bring the most traffic to the site along with considerable costs. This match results in displaying the ad both for inflect words, synonyms or relat words.

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The search phrases may have a different order than Cambodia Email List those defin in the campaign. This is the default match type. Broad match modifier – the + (plus) sign can be us in broad match. Using the modifier narrows the display of ads for keywords to close variants, excluding synonyms. As with broad match, the order of the keywords is arbitrary. Phrase Match -w your ads to users searching for the phrase or a close variation of it. In addition, ads may appear for keywords that come before and after a given phrase. This match is a more narrow type of broad match.

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Exact Match – Displays ads only for a given BS Leads keyword and its close variations. In this match, ads will not show for keywords that contain other words before and after the keyword phrase. Negative match – using a minus sign (-) in front of a given word blocks the display of ads for search phrases that contain that word. What about similar varieties? The algorithm allows you to display ads in similar variations to maximize the display of ads for phrases with spelling errors or the use of a different personal number.

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