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Note To minimize page optimization costs, you should always try to create pages that perform well from the start. If you skip this step, you will end up with a slow site and increase your costs due to the work that follows. And you can be sure that one day you will ne to optimize your website. Application All in all, using the WP Rocket plugin in conjunction with Rocket CDN has been a great decision for me to improve our site spe on mobile devices. It help me increase my site’s Google Page Spe ​​score from to , which is a significant improvement.

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By enabling caching, file optimisation, mia optimisation, database optimisation, preloading and CDN integration, I was able to ruce page load times which l to better user engagement and improv search engine rankings. It’s also worth noting that Colombia WhatsApp Number List website spe is an ongoing process and it’s important to regularly test your website spe and make any necessary improvements. Additionally, it’s worth noting that while using a caching plugin and CDN is a great start to improving page spe, it’s not the only thing you can do. Other strategies to consider include optimizing images, minimizing the number of HTTP requests, and minimizing the use of third party scripts.

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I highly recommend giving the WP Rocket BS Leads and Rocket CDN plugin a try if you are looking to improve your website spe. These tools can significantly change the spe and performance of a website and can lead to a better user experience and improv search engine rankings. Note: Before you test a plugin, make sure you’re doing it in a safe environment that gives you the opportunity to test it before it’s fully deploy. Otherwise, you risk your site crashing . Results To make this test more open.

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