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Interface and configure settings. improv site spe on mobile devices. The website now loads much faster, which has l to better user engagement and improv search engine rankings. How to setup WP Rocket for best performance. Caching Enable caching for all pages and posts on my site. This means that the plugin will create a static version of each page to be serv to visitors, instead of dynamically generating the page each time. This helps ruce the load on my server and spes up my site’s load time. File optimization Enable minification for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files.

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Minification is the process of removing unnecessary China WhatsApp Number List characters from code, such as whitespace and comments. This can help ruce file sizes, which in turn spes up page load times. Mia optimization The next step is to enable lazy loading for images and videos. This means that the images and videos on my page will only load when they are in the viewport, which can help spe up the initial page load time. Database optimization Enable database cleanup to remove unnecessary data. This can help ruce the size of the database and spe up page load times.

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Preloading Enable cache preload for pages and BS Leads posts on my site. This helps spe up my site’s load time for repeat visitors. CDN integration Integrate RocketCDN with WP Rocket. This means that the site will use the RocketCDN content delivery network to serve cach pages to visitors. This is a great way to improve website spe and performance by rucing the distance between the server and the user and by caching static files in multiple geographic locations. It’s also worth noting that if you have a global audience, a CDN can help improve site loading times for visitors locat in different parts of the world.

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