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To these techniques. All the terms ve coin be seen on this chart . Along with one or two that already exist. And it can be see that the technology fielĀ  much larger than the rest. My favorite term is defensive latch. The English version of this term is that the concept is a technique. Where the bowler places his wings on the back of the opponent’s upper arm as his arms. Are wrapp around the bowler’s legs or body so that he can use leverage to Stop the bowler from attacking. It’s not easy to find an ad for any term. And with a term like this that doesn’t involve the action associat with it.

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I have only two options: spell the word Switzerland Email List with the Irish phoneme or something at. The time or create a new term to refer to the action. I chose the second method because at the time I wasn’t going to play with the Irish phonemes and I would have preferr the word to have a competitive ge as well. If you don’t speak Irish you won’t understand exactly what an instructor would say to a martial artist explain. As the definition above shows, this is a defensive technique where your hands are so to speak acting as the latch, hence the name defensive latching.

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Im very happy with the user interface. understanding of how the site is being us, it is very quick and easy to register new terms and place them in fields and BS Leads forums. This projectdefinitely gotten me more interest in terminology, an sure I’ll be registering more term in the collection in the future. If you’re interest, you can check out the series at . In this blog post we discuss the farming practices known as farms and look for this tradition in our series of place names in the district of County Donegal available at.

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