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Was This Post Helpful: votes, avg. rating Share: PREVIOUS POST self care ideas I have us NEXT POST Postpartum Depression: New Mums South Africa WhatsApp Number List Urg to Seek Help YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE The Flood The Flood – on September Recently, it was my birthday. My partner is struggling with depression, and the recent news that this is his condition and he may be on antidepressants for life. He always us to worry that a label like this would stop me loving him. As though putting a label on him meant that he was somehow different and that our little one and me would suddenly change our minds.

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Your effort was amazing So all this is going on, and it reaches my birthday. You’ve done some housework so I could have a rest, you deal with our little BS Leads one as much as you can, and you’ve organis such lovely, heartfelt presents. It gets to evening and you hit your exhaustion point. “I’m sorry,” you say. “I want everything to be perfect but I’m rubbish and now you are having to do stuff I’m sorry I’m not perfect.” Then I remember, I remember the overwhelming sensation of the ne for perfection, and the energy it takes just to roll over in b. I realis that you are exhaust.

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