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To do it jump from one of my school’s and end it all. One, two, three, four seconds, and suddenly, in the fifth, something click in my mind. I turn to a friend Was I really going to give up as easy as that? Was I going to lose all my dreams? Oh hell no! I was fighting back my demons. Thanks to my friends and my headphones, music had become an exit, a way to distract my mind. Drawing and writing had become another way for my nightmares to get out of my head once and for all.

When I want to give up

The next day I was feeling worse than ever, so Slovenia WhatsApp Number List just put on my headphones, turn the volume up, went to school and fac everyone who knew what happen the day before. All my classmates had seen the cuts, the dark circles under my eyes, and read the Poe-like poems I wrote. They act as if it was just another one of my stories. Art, in any form, can help you It’s just a matter of finding the one you like. You don’t ne to be good at it, just to like it and feel great during and after using it as your escape.

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Cut again but thats just

Theatre writing, music, poems BS Leads sculpture, reading, whatever you think may help, don’t stop doing it, ever. Also try and talk It gets worse if you don’t. They win if you give up and swallow all of those feelings. And deep inside, there’s a little part of you screaming “HELL NO!” Listen to it, as I did back then and still do, because there are moments. So I stood up, look for one, any one of my friends, and almost ran to her, cri the hell out of me and let her know every single thing.

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