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Dr Language Planning Officer, Southwest Tyrone) continu in the afternoon. With a presentation on From the Hole in the Water to the California á: Little People in the Diocese. Co-authors of this paper are ó á Ó á and ó á Ó . The parishes of South West County Donegal have many place names: together with the towns and other notable places in the area, it is estimat that there are collect here the names of rows and fields, rocks, streams, valleys and many other aspects of the landscape. ó á Ó then collects as a legacy different aspects of the same theme: the growth and development of the platform.

The Dr spoke about toponymy

Since its launch, several entries have been add Saudi Arabia Email List to the database. With the team undergoing a major upgrade, ó á Decid to investigate the use of the tool. He point to the platform’s bilingual approach, its ability to collect bilingual data, as well as the platform’s bilingual interface, as one of the tool’s key strengths. Concluding the day talk í (PhD student at the Division of Place Names) discuss ú and ú in place names in Leinster. Using the example of á, he examines different types of falsification between direct anglicization (or transliteration) translation, semi-translation and transliteration.

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Dinner in the restaurant, sharing and BS Leads compensating place names and other things until late. in English and featur several international speakers. The morning group discusses administrative matters in a bilingual environment. The PhD from the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Office start with a presentation titl Signs of the Times: Place Name Politics and Language Policy in Wales. Dr. Ó from the Place Names Department follow her to introduce the place names. The gap between legislation and implementation wishful thinking and reality. Professor í á Ó í (Northern Ireland Place Names Project) focuses on visible language rights and bilingual.

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