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Both with the objective of achieving the results establish in the company’s strategic plan, where the metrics are at an operational level and the indicators at a tactical level . In other words: while metrics are gross measurements such as values ​​and Solution to turn  quantities, indicators are calculat measurements , generally represent by percentages. Indicators are compos of metrics with a broader and more target vision! To complement this, BPM CBOK (Business Process Management Common Body Of Knowlge) defines metrics and indicators as follows: Metric “Metric is an extrapolation of measurements , that is, a conclusion bas on finite data.

Indicator An indicator is a simple or intuitive

Representation of a metric or measurement to facilitate its interpretation when compar to a reference or target.” What about KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)? KPIs are the fundamental values ​​that measure the effectiveness of internal Solution to turn processes that special data lead to the survival and expansion of a business. In fact, KPIs can be appli to all areas of a company to measure different levels of health and profitability, but they are often well us in Digital Marketing ! Definition of Digital Marketing Metrics and Indicators The time has come to present the definition of Digital Marketing metrics and indicators.

If the goal is to increase the generation of

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Both concepts are important to help make decisions, identify opportunities and continuously improve processes: What are Digital Marketing Metrics? As I show in the previous example, metrics are numbers that measure performance in carrying out BS Leads specific activities or processes on a smaller scale than the scale of the indicators. Goals that, when complet, bring a company closer to its current objective can often be us as metrics . If the goal is to increase the generation of new leads for the business by 25% in the next 3 months, monitoring the lead growth metric weekly becomes a natural consequence, for example.

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