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Angrier since the priest left. I heard you’re coming to me today with the machine. Well, I have a lot to put on the machine. He was very happy to see me. Visit in May, and describ the language situation in this part of the county: Irish is at its best in the people of the county; there is no English among the Gaelic, but they speak English when they encourage the dogs. I’m a stranger in this place, but I really like the people here; they get to know me right away.

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He found it hard to find people with stories Jamaica Email List when they were in the fields harvesting potatoes and soaking sheep. He directly found a famous storyteller and join him: the landlord lady is very kind and warmly gave Lu Ge. She has a great collection. Her father, John Ward, gave them all to her. I’m writing that after the evening, I’m going back to her to rest. Songs collect from there. Photographer: í Ó . album, . Return to the area at the beginning of the month. He again mentions the use of the language in the region: I don’t hear anyone here speaking English through their Gaelic as they do in many places.

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While he was there, he notic another custom BS Leads of the people, their love of tea. On entering their first house: Was in a rush at home, he was told not to leave without tea people thought it would be embarrassing if someone was let out without tea. á Drink tea. They drink a lot in this place, and when the neighbors come in, everyone gets a cup of tea in their hands around eight o’clock. It stops when the nights get shorter at the end of autumn.

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