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Telling you you didn’t deserve me; tricking you into thinking I couldn’t possibly care enough to stay. You are a step forward We are getting there, now. You’re on waiting lists again but you are a step forward. You have start trying mindfulness. I know you are getting better at fighting to get off the black dog pressing down on your whole being. I am glimpsing the light. You got upset the other day, you had to change your plans. I couldn’t afford another day and night of worry. I had an appointment. So I held my ground and this time I would not change my plans.

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It was am, but you accept it and had a nap. Apparently Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List it help. Especially because the cat gave you cuddles too. Feel the light I know I could not have stood my ground weeks ago. I know you now look at your arm, worri about what people will think. Worri that it feels leathery. In time, the new scars will be like the old ones, part of what has form the person you are. The person I love beyond measure. They will probably get add to again, but hopefully not for a few more years. I can feel the light; it’s start to bounce off your face again.

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Your smile isn’t just a mask at the BS Leads moment. I’m trying to not count my chickens, but I’ll build the hen house, in hope. Let’s find that light. Let’s treasure it like our little one treasures the tdy she hugs every night. Even if the light doesn’t last this time, we know it is there. Hiding, buri, and neing to be found. submit article or blog UNIT STATES iam in mental health daily tracker and journal UNIT KINGDOM.

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