Premature birth – causes

Premature birth is considered any birth before the 37th gestational week. The percentage of babies born prematurely is always increasing. If 10-15 years ago it was 7-8%, now statistics show that the number has increased to 10%. Experts show that in Macedonia this percentage is higher, about 12%. The causes of premature birth are divided into two groups: causes from the mother’s side and causes from the child’s side. Causes that depend on the mother’s side: usually it is about the existence of chronic diseases before the beginning of pregnancy – high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases that can cause premature birth.

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Some of these diseases can also appear during pregnancy.and are risk factors for premature termination of pregnancy. Not performing regular Japan Phone Number Data checks can cause you to lose the opportunity to be informed if you have a possible infection in the urogenital tract and this. Very infection can be the cause of premature birth. Then, another reason can be abnormalities in the urogenital tract. Pregnancy with more than one fetus which usually ends prematurely (premature birth is also affected by the process of in vitro fertilization which usually results in more than one fetus) .  Is also played by the style or living conditions of the mother, use of medicines, drugs, smoking. Age (under 18 years of age and at/over 35 years of age).

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such as alcohol consumption

Causes that depend on the child: the main risk factor is infection. That can be transmitted from mother to child. As well as congenital abnormalities in the digestive and cardiovascular systems. Counsel it is recommended that pregnant women have a hygienic-dietary regime. Food balance, normal activity, care during pregnancy and what is most important is to carry out regular check-ups with the gynecologist-obstetrician. Who will carry out all the examinations. Necessary and will follow all parameters which may highlight potential problems. Regular gynecological care and check-ups are the best. Prevention of the risk of premature birth, and if necessary. Therapy can be given to delay/postpone or prevent premature birth.

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