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Primarily on terminological and lexical issues. You can watch Dr. í á Ó’s presentation of this compilation work here.  Thanks to the use of the terms and , the presentation describes. The concepts these two terms refer to in subsets. Of the two main corpora deriv from Journals from the corpus of the Royal. Academy of Ireland (eg: Irish National and ó ) and journals from (eg: A Journal and . The experimental method us in this study is to sample two sub-corpora. And a certain number of samples are drawn from each publisher for manual verification.

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About this and more Ireland post by certain Seychelles Email List groups. Dr.í’s presentation can be seen here. We see the political changes that have taken place in the country in the index of two periods. In most examples found in , the word means us in an administrative or governmental sense, which is not the case in the Royal Irish Academy’s old subcorpus. There was a lively discussion about this after the presentation, with some in the audience having strong opinions about how the government is treating the Guerta region. aware that the concepts referr to by these terms are still changing and relat to relat concepts.

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In addition to publishing a lengthy paper BS Leads on the topic, more studies of this type are plann in the future, with more detail descriptions of what was found and examples from both corpora. Since our launch in April (Beta was releas on ) I’m often ask how to handle data reception from . If so, I’ve creat a toolbox (i.e. repository) on , where I’ll put example tools (i.e. scripts) to process data from in different ways, and add the first tool to that toolbox. I’ll describe the script in this blog post. The store is here.

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