I Did Not Stand

Rebuild tool to be every time I’ve been surround by disaster. Swing the hammer with the same start. start of the same cycle. Apparently unbreakable loops though wood and stone snapp easily I threw the hammer into the shelter with one jerk. Bricks shatter on impact. I wav the hut again and a crack appear in the wall.  swing again and the wall caves in. I refus to stop pounding the shelter until it mimick the rest of the rubble on the ground. Soon the roof collaps and I’m still smashing it to pieces.

The rain stopp and the storm

I wobbl until the house and the cottage became French Polynesia Email List two of the same thing: ash and dust. Kneeling in the rubble, surround All I can do is kneel in the rubble. s and rain fell from the dark sky. Slowly, the floodwaters on the cliff rose. The wind grew stronger as it swirl around me, debris and pebbles swirling gently against one another. Rocks cascad from the cliff’s ge, some larger than others, and they were swallow up by the hungry waves below. The platform on which I kneel is slowly narrowing. Now the wind is blowing.

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The cleft cliffs stopp breaking

Debris is pick up and thrown BS Leads around in a vortex. The splinters start to slice through my flesh, the rocks bruis me. I do not care. The cold raindrops chill my soul. I won’t cringe. . I never hold back. The wind never abat, nor did the wreckage avoid me in its dance. The cliff continu to crumble. The rain show no mercy; the shadowy clouds engulf the sky; the lightning flash all around, the blood on my knees flow further, the thunder roar, the wind howl, the rain splash, the rocks crack, and then nothing. The storm of freom dissipat, and the fragments show regret.

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