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From year to year, human influence is more and more visible – constant air pollution with exhaust fumes and smog, cutting down forests that create the “green lungs” of the Earth or what most ecologists have been fighting against in recent years – waste, and to a large extent plastic. It is products made of plastic (bottles, plastic bags) that contribute to the death of many species of animals that get entangl in the garbage left behind. Microplastics are also present in water consum by humans, which is why their excess in the environment is dangerous for the entire ecosystem.

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Our children, descendants will fight the Brunei Email Lists consequences of the decisions made today. For this reason, so much emphasis is plac on conscious waste segregation and as little plastic consumption as possibleFrom the point of view of an outside observer, there is an important contradiction in SEO. There has been talk for years about extreme volatility, multiple algorithm updates, constant adaptation, but also virtually the same trends, the same lists of ranking factors and the same advice are publish for years.

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How to reconcile the annual BS Leads announcement of “new SEO” with the panopticum, which consists of the same lists of ranking factors from and ? Paradoxically, most recipients have no problem with this. You don’t have to look far to find a spectacular example where advice from ( link ) was re-advis years later in an article titl “Time to stop doing SEO like ” . You can even think that this is an experiment to test readers’ tolerance for content recycling. Publicists, in their pragmatic rewriting of old advice, are partially right – the SEO clue has not chang for years. Content and links still reign supreme. The title meta tag is still valid. Still indexing is the foundation.

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