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Across Ireland r items there. and and numerous other place names contain elements. This responsibility is closely relat to another ancient agricultural practice known as the system. In this system we are a small settlement with many houses and. The land around it is divid into small pieces. These settlements are call á. Crops are rotat among plots to efficiently use the amount of land available. The system of runways and responsibilities fit each other, as well as farming methods. Because as much benefit as possible is extract from the land, especially where good-quality arable land is scarce.

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The Rondal system gradually fell into disuse Tajikistan Email List across the country as landowners. Came to Ireland from the beginning of the century. However, the system has last longer in North West Tyrone than in most of the country due to the determination and determination of the locals to keep the system engag. This means that there are many place names in China, which have traces of responsibility. í (author of the book ó ) uses the term for the á system, and the term is often us as an item in park names. In the research carri out, nine smaller place names. Were found which contain the assignment as an item.

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Min is another item that is closely relat BS Leads to responsibility, and while the word is found throughout the country as part of a place name, in the Northwest, especially í Among the place names, the project is very concentrat. The word refers to mountain pastures in place names, and it’s no surprise that we took the project as a reference to the fields themselves. Seven place names were found in the district, among which are the main elements and í. Interestingly, many of these secondary place names refer to settlements.

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