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In addition to the answers present in such a practical way, a link to their origin is prominently display — a unique opportunity to capture good leads ! Content Marketing: the secrets to attracting, engaging and transforming your Audience into Customers 6. Local Pack When someone searches for company reviews or details about a business in the physical world, the so-call ” local package ” appears. Google Search for Digital Organic It contains maps showing the position of the establishment, customer testimonials about the business, and other points of interest nearby. 7. Image Results The old familiar tab with search results in image format is also an important lever in popularizing a business through the SERP! Oh, and images can also appear this way in the results: Search on Google for Digital Marketing Book 8.

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Video Results The same happens with videos : content thumbnails appear in the results when they are relevant to the search. Google Search for Customer Service And, just like image results, the user does not ne to leave the SERP to consume the new database content — and all crits are duly given to the creators with highlight links! Optimize the SERP with an SEO strategy The cost for each new lead plummets when you achieve a good result with SEO and SERP — especially compar to paid mia! This is the result of a powerful line of reasoning: The lead that appear on the SERP search for you; The lead for the paid ad was you who search for it.

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Both sources of prospects are useful, but I also tend to say: Guilherme de Bortoli, CEO of Orgânica “ Ignoring SEO is becoming a slave to paid mia . ” Guilherme de Bortoli CEO – Organic Digital So, in those moments when the budget gets tight, the relief BS Leads will be in the certainty that the lead generation machine won’t stop! After all, a self-respecting Digital Marketing strategy knows that you can’t rely on just one source : you have to dominate the entire source! With good SEO work, you optimize the SERP, achieving significant results organically and in the long term .

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