Javier Aranda trusts WK workshop as his leading agency

The creative and independent marketing and communication agency, Taller WK , has achieved the trust of Chef Javier Aranda in all its areas of specialization: Marketing, WK Digital, Events and Communication and HR. PP, adding the contribution of the Creativity and Design area, and the entire Strategic Consulting base.

Javier Aranda his career until the WK workshop

The agency will carry out a complete rebranding of the Javier Aranda firm, also developing its entire communication universe. This category email list includes, among others, brandbook development; web development, coordination and management of social networks; in addition to all the creative and communication strategic development, through management with the media and PR, among others.At 27 years old, Javier Aranda became the youngest chef in the world to obtain a Michelin Star (La Cabra) and in 2016 added a second star for his Gaytán Restaurant, where they develop a different gastronomic experience.

WK workshop has in its portfolio companies

Prepared live to the eyes of the diner, based on respect for the product, tradition and the avant-garde. Let us remember that the WK workshop BS Leads has in its portfolio companies such as Fagor Electrodoméstico, Mitsubishi Electric, Havaianas, Allergan Aesthetics, Haverland, Vestel, Aristo Pharma Iberia SL, Laboratorios Normon, Super 8, Acamar Films, Rábita Agrotextil, Agua Fits Better, Better Balance, Banco Santander, Master Card, Yeggie, EDF Fenice Ibérica or Transparent Edge; resulting in a wide coverage of sectors: tourism, health, food and consumption, textiles, motors, aesthetics, ophthalmic medicine, real estate, fashion, technology, startups, leisure and cinema.

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