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Half being devot to discussing theoretical fundamentals of international case studies and the Irish case itself. When students have a good understanding of these topics, they move on to applications of theory and fundamentals by asking students to develop their own terminology. Each student is given a specific topic to choose from and their aim is to find new concepts in that technical field that have never been translat into Irish. They must put together solid information for each new term, definitions, examples of usage etc.

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Students use the term and share their favorites Suriname Email Lis with the teaching staff. students will accept training on the use of , and the layout of term source examples and other information in term entries. As for the specific topics themselves, it’s always interesting to see what topics students choose. There are areas where different aspects of the entertainment industry come up year after year, certain types of music, different games like American football and other areas that only come up once. The task has shown every year that there are still large gaps to be fill in the Irish vocabulary and terminology corpus, even in fields that are consider fairly develop because.

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They are often discuss through Irish, such BS Leads as rugby and computers. Fortunately, two of the people who took the module this year have already spent their summer internships and have had the pleasure of writing for this blog about topics of their own choice, gaps they found in terminology sources, and new terms they came up with. For the practical part of this module, we have to create a terminology database on . You’d think that with that much terminology at hand, it would be a very simple task, but I don’t understand the amount of work that goes into putting together a collection of terminology.

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