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Health issues like anxiety and depression. In some cases, self-harm and suicide. A study, Stress: Can We Cope? The Mental Health Foundation states that work and long-term health conditions are the top two stressors. And it is also recogniz that this stress is often exacerbat when individuals feel unsupport and powerless. Stress is the biggest single health and safety issue in UK workplaces, according to a survey. There is a duty of reasonable accommodation to address the disadvantages fac by persons with disabilities.

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Workplaces also have a duty to protect the Montserrat Email List health of employees under the Work Health and Safety Act. Employers are starting to realize this more and more. Work-life balance and stress management policies are now in place. The same goes for employee assistance programs design to provide support. In principle this is all well and good. But in my workplace, it translates to stickers that quietly appear on desks during mental health week, encouraging people to talk, or to turn off their computers for a minute. (Not so useful when you’re working overtime and hot-desking.) where managers can direct their executives to seek help when ne.

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This absolves any involvement of the BS Leads employer from being of much use to the hearing-impair.) How helpful are these policies if they are not implement properly? What happens if the root cause of stress is avoiding responsibility through work? Work situation As both Occupational Health and my GP have point out, my current poor health and absences are due to stress and anxiety caus by the work situation. It’s about refusing to make reasonable adjustments, and then painfully refusing to take responsibility, or even acknowlge the consequences of doing so. Which is ironic, considering that’s exactly the problem that ruc hours were suppos to remy. Now, in addition to my initial request for ruc hours.

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