How to get clients for Online Personal Trainer

Getting clients for your Personal Training business can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t have a strong online presence. Faced with a new reality, where all professionals need to develop digital marketing skills, the Online Personal Trainer should be seen as an opportunity. Therefore, we at MFIT decided to open up to you, Personal Trainer, the 03 best strategies for attracting clients/students. Understand now how to achieve success in your career ! Have your brand and audience well defined and get clients for Personal Trainers! You’ve certainly heard of market positioning. But do you really know what it means.

The best acquisition channels for your business

According to Kotler, positioning can be divided into a simple equation, where the most beneficial process for any business is to focus on a specific niche to adopt its communication strategies and tactics. In this case, the equation: Positioning = Segmentation + Differentiation Segmentation is nothing more than defining the types of consumers you Lebanon Phone Number Data want to serve, whereas differentiation revolves around the set of significant differences that separate your offer from that of your competitors. Therefore, taking into account that you may still have some questions, let’s give a practical example: Personal Trainer A Target audience : All people in Brazil who want to lose weight and improve their physical conditioning. Specialty : Weight Loss and Physical Conditioning.

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What is the best channel for my audience?

Communication : Posts about weight loss and monthly plan offers. Personal Trainer B Target audience : Women, aged between years old. With a monthly income of 3 minimum wages and who are interested in the fitness universe. Specialty : Weight Loss and Physical. Conditioning. Communication : Posts about lifestyle, weight loss Lebanon Phone Number List focused on the female audience. Did you realize that the only difference between the two Personal Trainers is the segmentation they chose and, consequently, the way they communicate their differences? In other words, it’s not about the right or wrong approach.


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